Happy Birthday To Us

It seems like only yesterday and forever ago when a mum to a very young son had a niggling little desire to start something. Self-confidence waning a little, the idea stayed hidden away, a little germ of an idea tucked carefully at the back of her mind.

But it seems that it was a persistent little idea that kept popping into her head.
The Facebook page; Blooming Lovely Crafts was created on the 10th of February 2017.
Perhaps it was the long-lasting effects of the ‘secco from New Years or perhaps it’s the genuine love of creating great design, but Blooming Lovely Crafts rapidly began to diversify. From handmade bunting and cross-stitch to personalised frames.

Before Blooming Lovely was even a contemplation, (in what was both a cost saving exercise and a labour of love), I designed my own wedding stationery. After all, what better way to get exactly what you want then by doing it yourself?

Shortly afterwards, I gave my brother and his fiancée exactly what they wanted when I took their ideas and created their wedding invitations, seating plan and individual table name cards.

Then I gave even more brides and grooms exactly what they wanted. This was when I decided that as much as I love crafts, that was for me only. A lovely little hobby that I love to do just for myself, (and friends and family).

Blooming Lovely Designs was Born!

A quick name change on the fourth of January 2018 and a (couple) of re-brands, Blooming Lovely Design was finally out of the chrysalis!

Three years later Blooming Lovely Design is the product of late nights, hard work and a growing self-belief! Proudly creating bespoke branding and logos for a whole host of businesses! From Make-up artists to website designers and everything in between.

Passionately believing in small businesses, I have the pleasure of working with them as part of my job. After all, who understands small businesses better than a small business? With a plethora of services on offer, and an open door policy when it comes to new ideas you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain by getting in touch to discuss your ideas today!

In the early days Blooming Lovely Design fit around the sleep schedule of an infant. From those early days it has grown to an impressive portfolio of clients and is weathering storm Covid! It’s not been the easiest three years, but three years later I’m still here and so excited about what the next three years will bring!!

Please please please as a little thank you gift to everyone, please check out our Instagram here for the discount code for 25% off!!! Be quick it’s only valid for the next week 💖

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